Contact Server Ops if you want to get on this list, if there's a problem with the server, or if you want to do something risky on the server (so they can back it up physically). Example of risky: setting a forest on fire to get rid of trees.
To contact Ops, either write in the Official Gunnerkrigg Forum Minecraft Thread or leave a written message on this page. You'll still have to look at the forum topic for the editing password for this wiki tho.

Do Not leave a comment to let us add you - write something on the page itself, after the table. Ops will see it while looking for new changes.

Minecraft Username GKC Username Op Server Op
3012mathias nostemo
agasa agasa x x
alexismongoose alexismongoose
allison3 allison
black_mantha blackmantha
chilari chilari
frabjous frabjous x
genji102 ender
georgeparty georgiel
goofanader goofanader x x
jffrs_lnwlf november
jlkrox10 x
jon99977 inconspicularity
kav2k Xan x
koplee stevecopley
lewodarkfluffy lewodarkfluffy
lieronet lieronet
lokiwolf bonestheheretic
lovey lovey
merfnad merfnad x x
middlerun middlerun
missmelon12 missmelon12
mrsparks mrsparks
niklink niklink x
ninjakid482 ninjakid x
paxjax123 paxjax123 x
polifrog polifrog x
sicktitck2 joephlommin x
sitouh mrsitouh
snuggly_sadist snuggly
socram eversist
theweatherman theweatherman
tustin2121 tustin2121
ulyssesgkc ulysses
valeryc starrylight
wyrmy wyrmy
xaien xaien x
zingbat shovel18
zynwolf zynwolf

Hey! "Dmon9055" looking to get whitelisted, thanks!