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Welcome to hub of Gunnerkrigg Minecraft community!

Community Server Info

Updated Server Address:
Dynamic Map

Suggested simultaneous players limit: 20
Server is now open for public (viewing) access. For build privileges, you still need to apply for membership.
To apply for membership and be able to build please post a reply to This Post on the Gunnerkrigg Forums!

Current server mods
Texture pack proposals

Provider: Brohoster

This is a community-run server. If you use it, please consider donating (via PayPal). Current server expenses are $15.95/Mo.

What is it all about?

In short, this is a site for a bunch of people with a self-set task of recreating the setting of the awesome Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic in Minecraft. The purpose of this site is to provide planning for the project.
For more information, see our About page.

Current status

Project is in early stages.

Screenshot gallery


Current tasks

Proposed buildings/landmarks
Map regions
Overall map

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