Merfnad's GkC Texture Pack

Download the texture pack HERE. Currently supports Minecraft beta 1.6

The pack is put together by Merfnad of the GkC forums. It's still a work in progress, and because Minecraft updates frequently the texture pack will also be updated. The goal with the texture pack is to represent the environments from Gunnerkrigg court as good as possible. Suggestions for edits can be sent to Merfnad on the GkC forums, or in the discussion of this page.

The texturepack changes most of the textures in the game, and some of them (like the mobs) are changed to fit Gunnerkrigg specifically. A lot of the textures still don't fit the Gunnerkrigg Court universe; but the texture pack isn't finished, and will probably get more changes.

The textures have different sources. A few are original Minecraft textures, most of them are either from Eldpack or Painterly Pack. The rest are made by Merfnad.




The wolf has original textures except for when it's tamed, then it's white (Reynardine).