Basil's Labyrinth

Basil the Minotaur (yes, the one from the myth) has a timeshare on a labyrinth in Gunnerkrigg Court. This labyrinth can be accessed through a secret entrance in the old section of the Court's library, and naturally Annie and Kat stumble over it while doing their Mythology homework. Luckily, Basil is not as fierce as he first seems, and doesn't mind the fact that the girls have managed to wander into his living room.

Note that this labyrinth is really just a long hallway that curves back on itself multiple times—-as Kat points out, "we won't get lost if we went in, because there are no deadends, like in a maze."

Page references:

Web Version Dead Tree Version (Vol. 1)
24 - 28 24 - 28
Note the map on p. 25 The map is on p. 25 in the book, too.

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